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How I made my way through the world of affiliate programs to earn some extra $$$

A real-life daily updates on the programs I tested, programs that worked and the ones that failed

I made mistakes by joining some affiliate programs - so you don't have to. I succeeded on the other ones - so you can succeed too

I never knew Social Bookmarking could be this easy!


I heard about SocialAdr from a friend of mine but was hesitant at first because it sounded too good to be true.  She told me, “All you have to do is enter your bookmark details and other members submit your bookmarks to their accounts automatically.  It literally takes 5 minutes to get setup.”

So I figured, “What the heck!”, I may as well give it a try.

social media marketing services

I signed up for the ‘Free’ account and found the Setup Wizard super easy to use.  With the ‘Free’ account you have to setup all your own social bookmarking accounts (only once though) in order to get started.  Next, I shared 5 other members’ bookmarks, which was as simple as clicking a single button.  I had to do this first in order to earn “credits” which can then be spent when other members share my bookmarks.  Then I added a couple of my own bookmarks and a short while later started receiving notification that they had been submitted to a list of social bookmarking services.

Wow.  And this was just with the ‘Free’ account!

I was impressed.

It was clear to me that the paid accounts were worth it, so I upgraded to the ‘Lazy Linkaholic’ package (1.6 cents per backlink!).  With the ‘Lazy’ account types you don’t have to do any sharing, all you do is enter your own bookmark details.

It’s been about 2 weeks now and I’ve received thousands of backlinks…on AUTOPILOT.

If you’re like me and know good value when you see it, you should definitely give SocialAdr a try.

Friday Freeware – Photoshop Freebie – Photoshop Brushes!

Photoshop Freebie: Fresh&Free Photoshop Brushes Retro Floral Drawings 2 (2012 Edition) by

For all of you freebie lovers, digital designers, Photoshop users, graphic design enthusiasts :)

I wish you a happy Friday!

Photoshop Freebie: Fresh&Free Photoshop Brushes Retro Floral Drawings 2 (2012 Edition) by

| Download Free Photoshop Brushes: Retro Floral Drawings 2 |

How to use Free Photoshop Brushes: Retro Floral Drawings – video tutorial

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Friday Freeware: Vector Art Download!

Friday Freeware: Vector Art Download!

Free vector art download from Graphics-Illustrations.Com consists of the following vector file formats:

* CDR (CorelDRAW 8.0 and newer versions)
* AI (Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and newer versions)
* SVG (scalable vector graphics files can be read and modified by a large range of tools)
* and PNG for all of you who do not use vector applications

Friday Freeware: Vector Art Download!

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