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Archive for November, 2007

What about Smorty?

I’m not sure whether it’s me or …?

Well, I’ve tried to work it out with Affiliate Junktion, but those guys just keep on sending me the same emails this week. I just hope that I didn’t lose my money! Because I already payed them. I’m not sure I like this situation. The guys behind the affiliate junktion review and posted some good words about them (on my last post regarding the AJ), so I’ll not rush into conclusion. But than again: I am not sure if these guys are not the Affiliate Junktion guys just making some promo for themselves.

I don’t know what to think about all that “affiliate” and “make money online” things I’m doing now. Sometimes I just hate the Internet!

Next “fishy” thing is wants you to write an article of between 150 and 400 words. Not so easy when a broad theme comes in (like mine about the shopping cart software, whos service I really liked). Then, you have to publish that article on your blog – and guess what – wait for 5 days for them to review and eventually approve it. Hm, interesting. 5 days. On my graphics-illustrations blog it means that more than 3000 people already saw that post. Google took that post into account when weighing the value of their site, and guess what: no matter if your article good or bad, stupid or clever, after five days of sitting on your blog it can be refused without any explanation. Click. Done. Like that. Gone by the wind.

Not sure it was worthwhile. Not at all. Let’s see what happens next.

Monday Money Statistic – Commission junction

Five days ago I started with “commission junction” affiliate program.

I was fascinated with the options that were offered: so many Advertisers to choose from! I remember them since late nineties, when I was young and fresh to Internet. Those days I didn’t think it will last, but luckily I was wrong. :)

So, after getting the account there I applied to few advertisers, some of them declined me immediately without explanation:
“Your application has been declined by this advertiser for one or more reasons. If you have a question please contact the advertiser through advertisers detail page within the account manager.”

Well, I didn’t find anything on the detail page, maybe I should contact the advertiser directly? Yes, but I don’t have a time for that.

Here are my affiliate statistics for the first five days in business:

  • I created 19 links from 12 advertisers and posted them on 3 blogs
  • Total number of impressions are 1,581
  • Total number of clicks are 5
  • Sales? None!

It looks like my visitors likes shopping at (ratio impressions:clicks is 4:2), then eBags Outlet, WhiteSmoke English & Grammar Lessons and WhiteSmoke’s Shopping Cart.

Smorty pays you to blog!

Yeeee! I’m happy to announce that I’m authorized to write for!

Now why is this so cool?

Because, my dear reader, if you want to write for you better have a damn good blog! And, when I say good I’m talkin’ 25 criteria parameters that need to met before they even talk to you. Needles to say, that I met ‘em all (with my graphics-illustrations). One by one. Hello criteria! How are you … 25 times …

Anyways, enough showing off. Time to do some real writing. I’ve got several subjects to pick from, so I’ll just take one and make a damn good article about it. pays you to blog!

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