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Archive for November, 2007

Wednesday Widget – Countdown

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(My) Cafepress story

When I found this cafepress thing I was happy and I thought that is something for me!

Well, I think now the same but… there’s always a but :)

First, I bought one t-shirt with a Canon logo (It was available despite of the policy that copyrighted materials can not be used)! Then I tried to do the same thing with my “Collecting donations for the Nikon D3″ but they banned me just a second later (for the same policy), I wasn’t allowed even to replicate the D3. Interesting, huh?

So, I created a few items but of course: nobody knows about my wannabe shop! Try some marketing, they said. Oh, yes! (slap on the forehead) How come I didn’t come up with that?! (LOL)

Anyway: they are great but I don’t have the time/idea and enough money to market my shop. It’s hard because I’m designing my stuff and I feel like I have to employ the experienced marketer to do the marketing part for me.

Overall score: yes, use it. Connect the shop with your blog and send your visitors there. See if you can sell something. I made 4 bucks in 4 months.

Why Linkshare?

Three days ago I became a member of thanks to iTunes!


Well, I wanted to become iTunes affiliate and submitted a application. However, my application was turned down because my blog is not about music. I was a bit upset because in my mind music is one universal thing. Everybody is listening to music, everybody is to a greater or smaller extend interested in music, we are all surrounded by music on a daily basis. My visitors most probably also listen to music and might be interested in iTunes. Well, however, you can apply for iTunes affiliation program only through LinkShare, so I needed to register there before submitting my iTunes application. I registered, my iTunes application was denied, but I remained a member of LinkShare. Now we’ll see how it works. Will keep you posted.

So far, my first impressions are that the whole system and member sinterface they have is kinda too complicated for a beginner. There are bunch of forms with dozens of fields to be filled in and some links I created are not working. Here is one example. I have received the following link from LinkShare (to use it on my blogs): Holiday Classics- personalized greeting cards.

If you clicked on it you will see that this link doesn’t take you to the designated page. If it did take you there, then it means that they fixed it up in the meantime.
But, so far, this link doesn’t work. I asked them few hours ago and I hope I will receive some answer soon. Until then there’s nothing left for me to do except to wait.

Here are some statistics on my affiliate performace in the first 24 hours:
- 239 impressions,
- 70 click-throughs in 1 day through 2 blogs
- I created 5 affiliate links (+ one not working)

New statistics will be publishied in 7 days.


LinkShare  Referral  Prg

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