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Archive for December, 2007

I’m waiting

I’m using AdSense and AdBrite, as you can see on the right side of the blog. Comparing those two I can say only one: AdBrite is great! AdSense could be more reliable because of the Google size and image, but numbers are speaking for themselves. AdBrite is earning four to five times more than AdSense!

But today’s story is not about those two. It’s about Sponsored Reviews and the time required to take over the project. Sponsored Reviews developed the „bidding concept“: you can bid on certain subjects (writing opportunities) and if advertiser approves the bid (the amount of money you are willing to write for) you can write (and get paid for it, of course).

So, I placed 11 bids for 11 different blogging subjects. And I’m waiting. I didn’t find the expected waiting time anywhere on their web. I really don’t know when will advertiser approve my bid. Will advertiser ever approve any bid at all?! You know: in our quest for some extra income we will click on their links, but will they approve our bids or are they just collecting more visits? I don’t know, I might be wrong. But hey: today’s category is „Sunday Suspicious“ :)

Friday Freeware – Download Free Christmas images for Your Blog

Yes! This Friday Freeware:

Download three Free Christmas images for Your Blog! (1920×2560 pix, 300 pixels/inch)


Check for more freebies:

x01t.jpg x02t.jpg x03t.jpg

Thursday Thirteen – I wish…

I am already in the Christmas spirit (visit my Christmas images giveaway or new&free Christmas trees grunge Photoshop brushes), so today’s thirteen is about what I want under the Christmas tree this year:

  1. Hasselblad H3D-39II, Medium Format Digital SLR Camera with 39mp Sensor & 3″ LCD Display.
  2. H1 Camera Kit
  3. HCD 28mm f/4 Lens
  4. Hasselblad 120mm F/4 Makro-planar T* CFE Macro Lens with leaf shutter for 500 and 200 Series Cameras
  5. Hasselblad HC 210mm f/4.0 Autofocus Lens for the H1 Camera
  6. Nikon D3 12.1MP FX Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
  7. Apple Mac Pro
  8. Hasselblad Instant Film Magazine HMi100 for H1 and H2
  9. H1 Viewfinder HV90X
  10. Apple 16 GB iPod touch
  11. Dinovo Media Desktop Laser Keyboard/Mouse Combo, 30 ft. Cordless Range (LOG9675620403)
  12. Apple Aperture 1.5
  13. Kata T-212 Torso-Pack Camera Sling Case (EPH)


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