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Archive for December, 2007

Wednesday Widget – Social Bookmarking

Today you can choose form three widgets, all three dedicated to the same thing: Social bookmarking and of course attracting more and more and more… and more visitors to your blog.


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Pay per post, Review me, Sponsored reviews and Smorty

Fourth guys form the headline, oh, yeah. My first „get paid to blog“ registration was at „Review me“, and they cut me off very easy. Then I thought OMG, why? And I was very sad. I was afraid that I will never be accepted in such community. Now they accepted me and offers me to write a review for a $7,50?! Guys, I’m running a blog Google PR 5 and Alexa 330 000 with 1000+ unique visitors per day. Are you kidding?!?

After a while I said OK and searched for another option and found „Pay per post“. After registration it was brought to my attention that Google lowered PR for „Pay per post“ blog posts/reviews. So I decided not to take an action and get rid off their PPP Tool. I don’t want to put at risk of my PR being lowered because some java script banner that offers me to write for a $5 per post/review. No, thanks.

I registered at „Sponsored Reviews“. At that time my PR and Alexa ratings were quite low. Since then PR and Alexa ratings of my blogs were increased but guys at “Sponsored Reviews” just did not update that info. I hope they’ll do it, eventually. Now I’m bidding on „Sponsored Reviews“ and waiting for the advertisers to approve or not to approve my bids.

And last – I tried with “Smorty”. And that was a good one. No need to “install the java script code that threaten your Google PR“ or something. Sometimes they offer $24 per post/review. Well, first I thought there was something fishy, but everything went well and I’m writing for them whenever I can.

I’m pretty new in “get paid for blogging” stuff, but I hope I’ll succeed.

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Monday Money – Forex affiliate statistic

Getting fun with Forex-affiliate. Since mid-November I earned nothing, had 93 clicks and 1 user registration. Not worth mentioning!

I’m not sure about Forex thing, even I thought to open an account there. I’m not into money trading, so I’ll stick with the stocks. Thanks to my broker and Croatian market I’m down 4% right now.

But the future is pink (no, not orange :)) and I’m happy in the face of some people who want to f me up! And I’m going on with my Money Making Plan!

Blog on!


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