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Archive for January, 2008

Thursday Thirteen – New Year’s resolutions

First Thursday this year and here it is, my New Year’s resolutions list:

  1. Always trust to your instinct where it comes to business decisions: yes, that’s true – I should never take any kind of a job if I have a tiniest doubt before the start.
  2. Use more than one e-mail address: one e-mail address should be primary, but I must have one or two and they should be on different mail servers!
  3. Don’t eat while working: since I quit smoking (last July) I’m eating instead. I should quit eating when working because every month I’m buying new clothes and, hey, that must be stopped!
  4. Don’t work overnight: I like working late at night, but I’ve noticed few problems with it: I’m totally disoriented, my life became a mess, I don’t have a time for socializing (I’m sleeping instead of drinking afternoon coffee with my friends)
  5. Spend less time on Facebook. Facebook is a mess! Too many applications, duplicated posts, messages, videos… and spam again.
  6. Create one or two Photoshop brushes per week. And don’t drink Coke or similar shit while drawing.
  7. Create at least 5 illustrations per week. It’s a small amount, but it’s better than 0, which I made in the last 3 months. Embarrassing.
  8. Write at least one post a day for one of the blogs. Writing blog posts will help me stay in touch with sanity.
  9. Don’t, don’t, don’t even think about paying anything over the Internet if you don’t really need it (just remember the money wasted on Affiliate Junktion)
  10. Make comments on other people blogs. As many as you can. It helps making friends-linking-visiting-earning combination.
  11. Use you brain better. Don not let other people make you depressed just because they are depressed. Help them instead.
  12. Stay away from the egocentric shallow persons. They suck your energy and might bore you to death.
  13. Learn Italian. Learn harder!
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