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Archive for February, 2009

Thursday Thirteen – Blogs I Follow

  1.  Helpful: Freelance Switch
  2. How to Adobe: Layers Magazine
  3. Great Illustration: Skinny laMinx
  4. Green Living: Inhabitat
  5. DIY: Design Sponge
  6. I’m a colour lover: COLOURlovers
  7. Design: Design Milk
  8. I’m there too :) : Smashing Magazine
  9. I need my daily dose of cuteness: Cute Overload
  10. Sweet: Daisy the Curly Cat
  11. NomNomNom: Bakerella
  12. Funny: I do things
  13. I Love Gadgets and I Want Gadgets: Gizmodo

That’s it! What blogs do you follow?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Free Friday download: Valentine’s Day card (12in x 8in, 300 dpi – print ready) –>> Download HERE

Happy Valentines Day 2009


Wednesday Widget: Not exactly a Widget…

…it’s a Headline Animator form FeedBurner for my newest blog: Photo A Day! But it looks like a widget.

I almost lost my mind trying to create some really cool widget with Widgetbox… so, I think this Headline Animator is good enough for my “Wednesday Widget”.

Have fun! :)

Photo a Day

? Grab this Headline Animator

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