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Archive for March, 2009

Friday Freeware: Blog Header Graphics

To honor this special day of the week that brings us just really close to the weekend I wanted to put up an announcement for some brand new blog header graphics that I prepared for this Friday Freeware.

All images are high quality 850×200 JPG’s – perfect for your CSS layouts and you can edit them easily in Photoshop.

Right click on the images and save them to your local drive.

Free Headers

Free Headers

Free Headers


Thursday Thirteen: Crazy Stuff

I really want some totally crazy (awesome) stuff!

So if I ever win the lottery, or something that includes a chance to make some serious money, I’ll get myself (and my friends and family) these useless but adorable things:

  1. Thinking Putty – To keep my hands busy (I used to be a heavy smoker)
  2. Panic Button – just for fun!
  3. Teeth Shaped Ice – it’s fuuunnnnnnyyyy!
  4. Bubble Wrap Keychain – reason same as for the first
  5. Sudoku toilet paper – for my sister. She’s a sudoku addict.
  6. Beer Tracker bottle opener – to counts friend Ferdo’s beers :)
  7. One of those annoying Tqualizer Music T-shirts!!!
  8. Spa lights! Oh, yeah! I like those kitschy lights!
  9. Bad Mother Fucker Wallet – :D
  10. USB Can Cooler – so useless, my fridge is just 5 feet away form my desk… but it’s charming!
  11. Carabiner Bottle Opener – well, this one is a serious
  12. x and 0 Shot Glasses – let’s the games begin! :)
  13. T-sketch T-shirt – absolutely a must have for me!


Wednesday Widget: Alternative Radio