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How I made my way through the world of affiliate programs to earn some extra $$$

A real-life daily updates on the programs I tested, programs that worked and the ones that failed

I made mistakes by joining some affiliate programs - so you don't have to. I succeeded on the other ones - so you can succeed too

Archive for July, 2010

Monday Money: New Affiliate program by Graphics-Illustrations and Green Bulb Gang

Put your website or your mailing list to work for you.

Earn extra spending money by referring visitors to Green Bulb Gang. Green Bulb Gang will pay you 50% (or minimum $3.00) of each order made by visitors referred by you.

All you have to do is sit back and make the money!

Green Bulb Gang provides all of the necessary codes, there is no special programming or complicated graphics software skills required. Simply, copy and paste special affiliate tracking code onto your web pages and you can be earning money in minutes.

Also, if some of the visitors you refer become affiliates, you will make 25% of every order made by visitors they referred to Green Bulb Gang.

Choose from 8 different banner sizes and start earning money NOW!