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How I made my way through the world of affiliate programs to earn some extra $$$

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I made mistakes by joining some affiliate programs - so you don't have to. I succeeded on the other ones - so you can succeed too

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Ads placement importance

I was yawning about my low income on AdSense, and that was because I didn’t realize how important of the ad placement is. In fact, I was aware, but I didn’t want to mess up my blog design (

Now I have to do it, because if I want to produce more free content I have to earn by advertising!

Since I placed the “AdSense for content” right above my post – income increased significantly! It jumps for more than 1300%!

Since I’m moving my site from to my visits split between those two, but I have to change my blogger domain in order to have more control over my blog (web site).

Monday Money – Linkshare stats

I’ve already wrote about Linkshare stats, but today I have a good news: I earned $0,72 there. It’s a small, small, small… amount but it makes me happy because it’s working! All that affiliate thing it looks like it makes sense after all.

I’m a member there since 9th November, and since then my data looks like:

- I created 7 affiliate links (1 still not working, and 1 cancelled by the advertiser – so I have them 5)
- 10 492 total impressions
- 317 click-troughs
- 1 item sold

It looks like if I market more I will earn more, but what if my sales share is smaller than my paid marketing?

Monday Money – Forex affiliate statistic

Getting fun with Forex-affiliate. Since mid-November I earned nothing, had 93 clicks and 1 user registration. Not worth mentioning!

I’m not sure about Forex thing, even I thought to open an account there. I’m not into money trading, so I’ll stick with the stocks. Thanks to my broker and Croatian market I’m down 4% right now.

But the future is pink (no, not orange :)) and I’m happy in the face of some people who want to f me up! And I’m going on with my Money Making Plan!

Blog on!


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