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! Saturday Showing Off :)

Yeah! Two days ago I received an email from AdBrite (those guys are biting up AdSense!) that I sold a place on my Isn’t it nice, hm?

Well, yes and no.

For the last month I’m trying to redirect all my visits from that blogspot blog to my own domain (but same blog of course) on And I’m still selling ad spots on that blogspot site! Strange.

But, I figured out: I will go on with both. But on I’ll place only a “teaser link” to my origin post on

Whooo… I’ll have more work to do, but that brought me to another idea: How about posting all “teaser links” that I find to other related sites? That’s something to think about.


MC and HNY!

I wish you cheerful Holidays and a lot’s of happiness, health, love and success through the next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

bsilvia :)

Smorty pays you to blog!

Yeeee! I’m happy to announce that I’m authorized to write for!

Now why is this so cool?

Because, my dear reader, if you want to write for you better have a damn good blog! And, when I say good I’m talkin’ 25 criteria parameters that need to met before they even talk to you. Needles to say, that I met ‘em all (with my graphics-illustrations). One by one. Hello criteria! How are you … 25 times …

Anyways, enough showing off. Time to do some real writing. I’ve got several subjects to pick from, so I’ll just take one and make a damn good article about it. pays you to blog!

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