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Archive for 07 Sunday Suspicion

Strange calculation

So, It’s Sunday! And I’m puzzled! Right now I’m not sure whether my math sucks or am I just being stupid.


Well, week or maybe two weeks ago, I joined the Text Link Ads program. Affiliate program and of course ad publisher program. They claim that the income from ads will be split in 50/50 between me and them. Nice, hm?

So, two weeks after my site was approved and I finally got my first ad – I check marked the „Approval System B“. Ad is approved, code copied and nothing happened on my blog.

OK, maybe I have to wait. Maybe someone else is approving it again. I don’t know. But that’s not a problem.

The problem is 50/50 splitting system ‘cos I got a message that I’ve sold an ad for $25 a month and I’ve earned $12,08! And how did they come up with that number? If we are talking about 50/50 splitting system, then the 50% of $25 is $12,08?

Strange, isn’t it?
Update: My Money Making Plan is earning $2 now :)

Affiliations, affiliations, affiliations…

Few days ago I registered at Affiliate Junktion, filled in the form and waited to see what happens next.

After a while I got this email stating that I will, with their help and assistance, earn $150 daily and if that is not the case, they will pay me $150 – 30 days each day.


I don’t believe this. Anyway, even $15 a day would be nice and another small step toward 404039 (all about 404039 you can read on my 404039 is the number blog).

So, the procedure is supposed to be very simple. Read the tutorial (which actually explains how to buy a domain and pay for webhosting), click on their banner and do as you are told.

Send ‘em data about your web site and they design it and set it up.

But, how the thing works, where does the money come from – not a word about it. On the other hand I have a domain and a web hosting so I kindly told them that I do not need these services. I will gladly send them info that they need and they can design and set up my web site.

So, yesterday I received an email from Affiliate Junktion where they claim that they will provide that service for me for 80% less. I don’t know what to think. Maybe it would be a good idea to find out more about this before I make any payments to anyone. Maybe I’ll find some info on various forums? Maybe you know what is behind this Affiliate Junktion. Is it worth it?

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