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Archive for 04 Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen: Funny Advertisements

1. There are better ways to make career

2. Shred-it :)

3. Save an animal

4. Mortuary billboard at underground station

5. Mini Morris

6. Everyone makes mistakes by Stabilo

7. Optician Ad

8. Hyundai flies

9. Stop climate change

10. Harvey Nichols Sale

11. New Renault Scenic with PSP

12. Evolve; Trojan

13. Never let their toys die – Energizer batteries

Thursday Thirteen: Art Wishes!

KlimtToday’s menu: Art Wishes :) or what I really want when comes to Art.

  1. learn to draw with chalk
  2. learn to paint with oil paints
  3. learn to draw pencil portraits
  4. learn to draw and paint with watercolor pencils
  5. my own Art exhibition
  6. my art book (on photography)
  7. cute little space for my photo-gallery
  8. get my work published in art magazine
  9. get my work reviewed on TV
  10. start my own art oriented website
  11. start my own printed art magazine
  12. get one nice painting from Klee (like this one) or one from Klimt (like this one)
  13. learn everything about every painter in the history

Thursday Thirteen: Simple Wishes

Here’s my wish list for today, so simple, but so hard to achieve!

  1. More happiness
  2. More health
  3. More love
  4. More strength
  5. More peace
  6. More time to rest
  7. More time with family
  8. More time with friends
  9. More time to travel
  10. More time by the sea
  11. More learning
  12. More sleeping
  13. and more luck


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