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Tuesday Tagret: LinkShare

Well, today I received a check from LinkShare. A real one!

The funny thing is that the check is for $1,84! Isn’t it funny?! LOL! :-D I’m rich now! The best thing is: if I cash that check in my bank will take $10 for transfer and 1,5% of amount. ROTFL!!! :-P Craaaazyyyy!

Well, long ago, I tried to find on their web site under my account something like “minimum payout”. But, no success.

Today I tried again. No luck. And I contacted LinkShare with a question: What should I do now with my check on $1,84?

They replied: “A threshold is the minimum balance you must have earned before a check will be issued to you.” (Really?!?!!) And the note is even more fun: “…If you would like to have a $25 threshold, please enter 25. If you would like a $0 threshold, please enter 0.” (Wow!)

So, that’s todays story. At least, now I know where the minimum payment option is located.

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

Tuesday Target: AllPosters

Hey Webmasters! – Add hundreds of thousands of images to your site – Free!

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Furthermore, you get paid for improving your site with poster/print images! All of the images you use will link to where your site visitors can make purchases. When they buy something, pays you 25% – 30% of the sale. If the visitor decides to purchase within 10 days of their last visit from your website, you’ll still earn commission on the sale! It’s easy to sign-up, build links, and track your sales.

Sign up today!

Tuesday Target: Template Monster

As you can see at the right side, I added new affiliate program: Template Monster.

Actually, I’m a member since 2005., but I used them on my web site, and of course: without a success/sale. I’m not sure is it because we are a small country, customers are afraid of too many options on the site or people here just hate buying anything online.

Now I will find out.

They have a lot of advertising options for affiliates and I love it. Sometimes I’m lost in all those domain names (templatehelp, templatestorage, templatemonster…) but everything is so nice and I can’t wait to see some stats (or sales)!

I created one banner with a preview of two latest designs on and maybe someone will at least click on it :)

Until I earn my 5 cents there, stay well and keep smiling!

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