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Wednesday Widget – Social Bookmarking

Today you can choose form three widgets, all three dedicated to the same thing: Social bookmarking and of course attracting more and more and more… and more visitors to your blog.


AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Wednesday Widget – I like quizzes!

I’m a quiz fun! Yes, I am. From time to time I like to take tests and quizzes, just to shake up my head. If we amuse our brains every day we should never get senile or unable to learn. It’s just a question of exercise.

So, for today I got this great widget from my friend’s blog You can turn your own blog into a widget like this one too. And if you have more than one web site/blog you can use it wisely.

Wednesday Widget – Things I want

This is my list named “Things I want” from boxedup: now you know what I want for my birthday :) and I’ll keep you posted with my new wishes!


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