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Friday Freeware: WP Themes List

What do you need when starting money-making-affiliate-blog? Among domain name and server hosting, you’ll need nice WP Theme design (assuming that you’re using Word Press so you’re not spending on CMS or html programming).

If you don’t know how to create your own WP design, or you’re little bit lazy (like me) and you don’t want to loose time on design – you have to find some nice and eye-catching solutions.

So here they are, today Friday Freeware is all about where to find great looking freeware WP Themes:

- Guys from Bucharest, Romania are doing very nice job. Simple and eye-catching designs will fit your needs. You can also ask them to customize their designs for you (but then, of course, we’re not talking freeware any more).

- One clean and great looking theme.

- Stunning blog design from Hong Kong designer, and many beautiful WP themes for download

- Girly themes from Teresa: clean and cute.

- A lot of great looking WP themes.

- Another theme farm :), many great designs!

- Simple, clean and easy to use themes


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