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Monday Money Statistic – Commission junction

Five days ago I started with “commission junction” affiliate program.

I was fascinated with the options that were offered: so many Advertisers to choose from! I remember them since late nineties, when I was young and fresh to Internet. Those days I didn’t think it will last, but luckily I was wrong. :)

So, after getting the account there I applied to few advertisers, some of them declined me immediately without explanation:
“Your application has been declined by this advertiser for one or more reasons. If you have a question please contact the advertiser through advertisers detail page within the account manager.”

Well, I didn’t find anything on the detail page, maybe I should contact the advertiser directly? Yes, but I don’t have a time for that.

Here are my affiliate statistics for the first five days in business:

  • I created 19 links from 12 advertisers and posted them on 3 blogs
  • Total number of impressions are 1,581
  • Total number of clicks are 5
  • Sales? None!

It looks like my visitors likes shopping at (ratio impressions:clicks is 4:2), then eBags Outlet, WhiteSmoke English & Grammar Lessons and WhiteSmoke’s Shopping Cart.

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