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Monday Money: What a surprise!

I have to say that I’m disappointed with Google. First of all, blogffiliate is dedicated to the affiliations networking and earning some affiliate money from it. It’s really interesting that Google ranked me 4 just a two months after my first post here. I wasn’t expecting that. I wasn’t expecting even to be ranked. But then again, my graphics-illustrations blog isn’t ranked at all. Even after few months. This blog has about 1000 times more visitors, 100 times more traffic (according to Alexa) and has at least one comment per post.

Do not understand. What have I done wrong?

Well, I don’t want to yawn. I earned some 40 Euros from Commission Junction and that is really great! I didn’t expected that, and I do not check it regularly… but from now on I will.

Not just marketer, but I can confirm you that banner with “click here” wont work. Or something with “buy now”. Only if we are talking about some Apple or Adobe super unique fancy time limited heavy discount offer. You gotta to be genius and write millions of millions words, you have to be funny, interesting and unique, you must give your visitors tons of free stuff… and after a year or two maybe you’ll succeed.

Baaaah. Can’t wait that long, but it looks like I’ll have to.

That’s it. I earned 40 Euros. Now I have enough to pay my phone bill. OK, 60% of my phone bill. Expensive country I live in.

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