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My 13 mistakes

I know it’s not good to be negative. I know that I should always be smiling and that I should embrace every day as it comes. I know I have to be nice to all people and should not be nasty.

But sometimes I have to be angryyyyyy! And I don’t have to be smiling all the time! That stupid pressure: „think positive, smile“ is giving me hard time! And today’s thirteen is about what in blog-affiliate-marketing world just pissed me off! I’m mad and I’m content with it. :)

Take care of those thirteen if starting a blog:

  1. AdSense
    Think carefully before using AdSense, they can ban you for not particular reason. Someone can click on your ads several times, just because they are mean to you and that’s it. AdSense will not give you any info about what went wrong, and you’ll be kicked out without any explanation. And how can I prohibit some idiot who wants Google to ban me, from clicking on my ads on purpose without knowing who he is?!?! Is that a way for Google to earn some money? Hope not. Anyway, at this point I’m an inch away from being banned.
  2. Blogger (Blogspot)
    If you want to turn on your blog to a small business or earn some extra cash, don’t use the Blogger. Trust me. I did and it didn’t turned out well.
  3. Domain name
    You don’t have a domain name right now? Well, you can use Blogger (maybe) or WordPress (that’s ok) or others. But think well when choosing your domain name – it’s good to connect your domain name with the core of your business. Unless you are after creating a brand, don’t use your name or nick. I did and it didn’t turned out well. (bsilvia – brand?!)
  4. Headlines, content…
    When writing an article try to use the „target keywords“ in your first post sentence. Use your „target keywords“ for links too. Don’t use „download here“ if you want to be well positioned on search engines. I did. I know that’s wrong. :)
  5. Side business?
    So, you started a blog. Nice. Now you want to register to few community sites. Great. You are using blogcatalog, facebook, yuwie, bloglines, spicy page, cre8buzz, flickr… and others. Cool. Now you want to earn some money through the marketing and you are registering at AdBrite, AdSense, Feox, TextLink Ads, ClickBooth, Commission Junction… and others. Fine. You know that more clicks on your blog will bring if you’re registered at forums. Well done. Now you want to connect more people through Twitter… BUT hey – what about your free time? Time with your family, friends, parents… what about reading a book, what about walking, cycling, swimming… Side business? Ha! What a joke. Think before starting a „side business“ (my husband knows, unfortunately).
  6. Affiliate Junktion
    They will return you $75 on your Affiliate Junktion account. But you will need $75 more before you can have it in your hands. They will send you the money only if you succeed the $150 on your Affiliate Junktion account. Trust me. I have some $$$ on my Affiliate Junktion account. But not enough.
  7. Facebook
    Nice to make new friends, stay in contact with old ones but a real pain in the ass when it comes to an applications! Too many people send you too many applications requests… And it can make an addiction too. (Do not adopt the Haiku pet or Fluff friend. Do not.) I know. (oooo, my Haiku pet is hungry….!!!)
  8. Amazon associates
    From all of theirs Widgets, only a simple product links will work in WordPress blogs. Waste of time for 4%. (Earnings are low, low, low, low, low… low, low.)
  9. Sponsored Reviews
    Register. Bid. Wait for a 15 or more days to be rejected. Another waste of time. Better spend your time on lunch with your friends. Visit your grandma and take her skirt to the dry cleaning. Plant a flower. Take a walk. Right now I’m waiting for 16 days. For most of the bids I was rejected after 15 days.
  10. Spicy page
    Nice, but… you will have a problem if: you are using WordPress with option „Date and name based“ checked. If that’s the case you won’t be able to post an article on Spicy page. But since Google loves „date and name based“ web page names … ? Google doesn’t like my WordPress based blogs. I’m nowhere on Google PR. Nowhere.
  11. Commission Junction
    Maybe. This site is massive! But selling anything through their banner ads – not so much. Slow loading, slow earnings. (Sometimes I forget that I’m using it.)
  12. Snap Shots
    Do you really want that? Well, if you want to slow your site loading, annoying your visitors with popup loading… sure why not? I did. It wasn’t good. People were running away from me (my blog) :)
  13. Widgets
    Widgets are great. I love widgets. But, you have to choose them wisely. And when you are using them get them form their original creator. Don’t use them from second hand sites… that will produce link for second hand site and for widget creator. You don’t need that. I know, I did. (It’s better to donate few $$$ to original creator then use too many links or banners.)


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