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(My) Cafepress story

When I found this cafepress thing I was happy and I thought that is something for me!

Well, I think now the same but… there’s always a but :)

First, I bought one t-shirt with a Canon logo (It was available despite of the policy that copyrighted materials can not be used)! Then I tried to do the same thing with my “Collecting donations for the Nikon D3″ but they banned me just a second later (for the same policy), I wasn’t allowed even to replicate the D3. Interesting, huh?

So, I created a few items but of course: nobody knows about my wannabe shop! Try some marketing, they said. Oh, yes! (slap on the forehead) How come I didn’t come up with that?! (LOL)

Anyway: they are great but I don’t have the time/idea and enough money to market my shop. It’s hard because I’m designing my stuff and I feel like I have to employ the experienced marketer to do the marketing part for me.

Overall score: yes, use it. Connect the shop with your blog and send your visitors there. See if you can sell something. I made 4 bucks in 4 months.

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