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How I made my way through the world of affiliate programs to earn some extra $$$

A real-life daily updates on the programs I tested, programs that worked and the ones that failed

I made mistakes by joining some affiliate programs - so you don't have to. I succeeded on the other ones - so you can succeed too

Saturday Showing Off – with a thermometer

Hello my dear visitors!

Last week I was out of town, then wrapped up in my blankets with headache, high temperature and all other flu symptoms. So, now I’m behind the schedule with different GD projects and my blogs are suffering too…

But, I’ll try to carry on with all of my blogs, and that includes Squidoo lenses too.

I’m totally happy about how things are going for now, and I hope that my up going curve will continue in the same direction in the future.

My AdSense and AdBrite are serving me very well (despite of my low expectations at the beginning). Thanks to the guys from the Instinct and theirs WP shop plug in I got a shop. And it didn’t start out bad. Oh, no sir! I ain’t talking millions or thousands of Dollars, not even hundreds, but hey! I’m a modest person who is just starting out on the internet business.

Can’t complain about the results, especially keeping in mind that there are only few items for sale (Photoshop brushes, images… etc.). The latest shop item is vector pack of “working woman / shopping woman” theme illustrations.

All in all that was my Saturday’s Showing off :)

Thursday Thirteen

Oh, I’m angry! Yes, I am. Swearing, cursing and giving a bad names to many. A lot “not so good” things happened in the last two weeks and I can’t control almost any of them. So, today TT is about lousy things, but I’ll narrow them to the Internet topic.

I’m posting them here with a hope that the angry feeling will vanish, disappear and leave me alone!

  1. Clickbank. They said my country is fraudulent and didn’t accepted my account. It’s insulting and lame what they did.
  2. Commission Junction. Someone, somewhere said that this is a great affiliate program. Maybe. But I don’t know. Still.
  3. Share a sale. Every now and then I’m receiving e-mail with DECLINED message. Again: because I’m from Croatia.
  4. AdSense: 4 blogs, RSS feed… 2000+ visitors daily. And still earning peanuts. Guys?!
  5. Squidoo lenses. I have them. Seven. Didn’t earn a cent. Nothing happened except someone reported me as a spammer. I was pissed of, my lens was blocked for a 3 days and my lens name is 365 wallpapers: one a day.
  6. WordPress. Now they want to ban my 404039 is the number blog. Because I have affiliate links there. Now. I didn’t post there for a two weeks… I’m posting there since August 2007. Never earned a cent and now they want to ban me.
  7. CafePress. So, someone bought a T-shirt. I was happy. Five days after the T-shirt was returned. I was desperate. I don’t know why? They probably liked it when they purchased it. What can I do about that?
  8. T-com. My Internet provider. It sucks. They charge too much. Now they got new policy: split the bill into two portions. Like, we are stupid and we wouldn’t notice that the bill is too huge? Did I hear: Change the Internet provider? Well, my friend did it and they left him for 2 weeks without a connection! Few last days connection is really slow and last night they cut me off in the middle of the work…
  9. My shop. It’s working. And I was happy: same day when shop was integrated I sold 4 items. Next days I sold only one. And guess what: I’m having over 2000 unique visits on my blog. Who said that one sale should be be done per 200 visitors?
  10. They sent me a check on $1,84…. But I already wrote about that two days ago.
  11. Spam – email. I keep receiving idiotic messages like: “Hi, where are you? I’m lonely girl…” I can’t understand why should anyone ever answered to this stupid message?!
  12. Spam – comments. Messages in comments are even more idiotic: “kghs klsfjf lskjf BUY VIAGRA” Can’t believe it!!!
  13. Biorust. I lost my password. Then tried to reset my password with my email. My email is not recognized! (and I’m a member since Summer 2007) I contacted them. Nothing. Tried few days after – same problem. Contacted them again. Again –no response. What is going on?!

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