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Saturday Showing Off – with a thermometer

Hello my dear visitors!

Last week I was out of town, then wrapped up in my blankets with headache, high temperature and all other flu symptoms. So, now I’m behind the schedule with different GD projects and my blogs are suffering too…

But, I’ll try to carry on with all of my blogs, and that includes Squidoo lenses too.

I’m totally happy about how things are going for now, and I hope that my up going curve will continue in the same direction in the future.

My AdSense and AdBrite are serving me very well (despite of my low expectations at the beginning). Thanks to the guys from the Instinct and theirs WP shop plug in I got a shop. And it didn’t start out bad. Oh, no sir! I ain’t talking millions or thousands of Dollars, not even hundreds, but hey! I’m a modest person who is just starting out on the internet business.

Can’t complain about the results, especially keeping in mind that there are only few items for sale (Photoshop brushes, images… etc.). The latest shop item is vector pack of “working woman / shopping woman” theme illustrations.

All in all that was my Saturday’s Showing off :)

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