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Strange calculation

So, It’s Sunday! And I’m puzzled! Right now I’m not sure whether my math sucks or am I just being stupid.


Well, week or maybe two weeks ago, I joined the Text Link Ads program. Affiliate program and of course ad publisher program. They claim that the income from ads will be split in 50/50 between me and them. Nice, hm?

So, two weeks after my site was approved and I finally got my first ad – I check marked the „Approval System B“. Ad is approved, code copied and nothing happened on my blog.

OK, maybe I have to wait. Maybe someone else is approving it again. I don’t know. But that’s not a problem.

The problem is 50/50 splitting system ‘cos I got a message that I’ve sold an ad for $25 a month and I’ve earned $12,08! And how did they come up with that number? If we are talking about 50/50 splitting system, then the 50% of $25 is $12,08?

Strange, isn’t it?
Update: My Money Making Plan is earning $2 now :)

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