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Thursday Thirteen: Affiliate money makers

Oh, well – Thursday Thirteen is all about affiliate programs and making some money :)

Unfortunately, I’m not able to update this site as often as I want to. But, today I’m going to re-review my last Thursday Thirteen about affiliate program web sites posted in January.

  1. AdBrite – still “numero uno” :), but slowly going down
  2. AdSense -  slow but steady income with a lot of threats on a day basis (they like to ban people)
  3. Commission junction – fast growth, and then last 3 months: nothing, zero, nada
  4. Text Link Ads – respectable growth in last 4 months (be careful with “paid by check” option – use Payoneer instead)
  5. Dreamstime – 1084 referred users, and $281.27 earned in whole year – not much, but still more than next one
  6. Istockphoto – $150/year?… pffffff! Shameless.
  7. But Cafe press – even less :(
  8. And now, new rising star: Stockxpert
  9. Shutterstock surprised me (nicely), so you can try it too
  10. Freshly used:! – promising one
  11. – slow, slow, slow…
  12. And last one: ClixGalore – this one should be banned from my next list.
  13. OK – let me try with this one again: Join LinkShare Today! (please?)

That’s it. I hope you have better luck than I did!


P.S.: this one really works: Text Link Ads

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