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Thursday Thirteen: Crazy Stuff

I really want some totally crazy (awesome) stuff!

So if I ever win the lottery, or something that includes a chance to make some serious money, I’ll get myself (and my friends and family) these useless but adorable things:

  1. Thinking Putty – To keep my hands busy (I used to be a heavy smoker)
  2. Panic Button – just for fun!
  3. Teeth Shaped Ice – it’s fuuunnnnnnyyyy!
  4. Bubble Wrap Keychain – reason same as for the first
  5. Sudoku toilet paper – for my sister. She’s a sudoku addict.
  6. Beer Tracker bottle opener – to counts friend Ferdo’s beers :)
  7. One of those annoying Tqualizer Music T-shirts!!!
  8. Spa lights! Oh, yeah! I like those kitschy lights!
  9. Bad Mother Fucker Wallet – :D
  10. USB Can Cooler – so useless, my fridge is just 5 feet away form my desk… but it’s charming!
  11. Carabiner Bottle Opener – well, this one is a serious
  12. x and 0 Shot Glasses – let’s the games begin! :)
  13. T-sketch T-shirt – absolutely a must have for me!


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