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Thursday Thirteen – Gadgets That I don’t Need But I Want them All!

  1. First: THE mobile phone. Bang & Olufsen: Serene.
  2. Now, what’s next? THE music. iPod, off course. The RED one :)
  3. Hmmm… third. Notebook is not a gadget for me, because I’m a freelancer. Camera too, because I’m photographer. But, hey! I really “need” this one: Jobo Photo storage and viewer!
  4. I’m photographer, so I need this one cute little tripod
  5. GPS!
  6. Blue-ray….yyyyy burner!
  7. One flexible display, just for fun and showing off :)
  8. This one is g r e a t! Solar workstation – perfect for my terrace!
  9. The air car. The one without the clutch. Automatic.
  10. For clear summer nights :) I need this telescope
  11. Tabletop booklet maker… because I make books :)
  12. What goes together with the booklet maker? Cornerrounder! Ha!
  13. One bicycle bag, with solar system. Because I like to ride my bicycle… !

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