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Thursday Thirteen, The Shortlist (mixed list)

  1. New WP 2.5 is nice looking CMS!
  2. Fox Life have the best TV bumpers (I could never make something like that)
  3. Blog catalog – this is really one neat community. (Try :))
  4. I’m deleting everything in spam box without reading (sorry!)
  5. I’m going to use less: Yuwie and Cre8Buzz
  6. I’m going to try BuySellAds
  7. I will never try to start a contest again
  8. I’m getting worried about my PR on now
  9. Live Journal? No, thanks!
  10. No more YouTube in my mailbox, please? :)
  11. Don’t accept new client! Ever! (note to myself)
  12. Try harder to learn to speak Italian
  13. Eat less bread and pasta :)

Now, I’m claiming this blog on Technorati Profile

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