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Web site buttons. Friday Freeware!

This Friday I’m offering for a free download four web site buttons for your blog/web site: “Advertise here for 30$ a month”, “Advertise here for 25$ a month”, “Advertise here for 20$ a month” and “Advertise here for 15$ a month” for you to choose. They are in 125x125pix.

Hey, hey! The things are going, and they are going well!

The only thing I’m not happy about is AJ, because that isn’t my style. Also, they want me to spend a 120 to get a 60?! Well, you know. I don’t like it. Just please tell me: you need to spend more money. Don’t tell that something is free ‘cos it’s not. You know: it’s all about a sleazy marketing wordings and I turned out to be the sucker. My mistake. I can’t blame none.

I have many new things to do and that’s my experience that I will never repeat again.

Enjoy! It’s a Friday!


advertise_here_15.png advertise_here_20.png advertise_here_25.png advertise_here_30.png

Please ignore the black corners, the edges are actually transparent. Just click on the image to see what it will look like on your blog!

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